New Mural on Holburn Street!

For the past couple of years I've caught the bus on Holburn Street which passes by this old toilet block which was closed and then bricked up. I wondered about what its like inside, how could a space like that be used better, could it become a studio or even a gallery space? It seems in Aberdeen that buildings and spaces like this are often over looked, perhaps the cost of turning such a plot into a cool micro house out weighs the gains or maybe the planning permissions are just un workable. Whatever the case we seem to be stuck with an ever increasing set of bland new builds and overlooked / undervalued quirky spaces.

But a few months ago miraculously the Holburn toilet block was given a make over with a new design depicting colourful geometric shapes and what looks like local fauna and plant life. I'm not sure who created the mural but I've heard rumour it might be the council or a residents group. Whatever the case the mural has totally brightened up my morning commute and hopefully hints towards a wider creative awakening beyond the city centre and all the artworks created during Nuart Aberdeen. For too long public art has been lacking in Aberdeen and certainly initiatives like Painted Doors and the Release the Pressure Festival have added massively to the cities visible culture while Look Again Festival has brought great design and contemporary sculpture to the fore adding another filling to the cultural pie but its nice to have these smaller projects appear and hopefully there will be more to come.

If anyone knows more about this particular project then let me know via the social media channels and if you haven't seen the mural yet its located at the Holburn roundabout just across from Ferryhill Library!

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