'Ignore the Management' by Michele Horrigan & Sean Lynch at W OR M!

'Ignore the Management' is the current show at the new Peacocks W OR M space at the Castlegate and brings together the work of Michele Horrigan & Sean Lynch. The preamble on the event page reads "For some years now, through both artistic and curatorial activities, Horrigan and Lynch have investigated the multifaceted nature of the public realm. With a focus on their native Ireland, their activities find and develop models that challenge the societal measures and institutional values that aim to manage and orient human behaviour in our increasingly technocratic world."

After the success and excitement of 'The Gift' (read about it here) I was a little unsure what to expect from the new show, especially after reading about sacred fairy trees but after hearing the artists talk about their individual works and how they approached each project, ranging from the scienftific to the absurd I might add, the work became instantly accessible and fun to explore. Tales of people taking on the big councils and winning, true underdog stories always resonate and the story of  Eddie Lenihan getting a major road infrastructure project re routed to protect the fairy tree was both comical and a brilliant show of what can be done when you stand your ground. Another video piece showed Michele recreating the famous factory dance scene from Flashdance across from a smouldering factory, capturing the plight of the films protagonist, factory worker by day, wannabe dance star by night. While recalling the experience Michelle noted the films use of professional stand in dancers while she in fact performed all her own moves, probably to the bemusement of the onlooking security cameras. 

And its this interaction element that runs through both the artists work that makes it so enjoyable and also a perfect fit for the new Peacocks space. You can read the full write up about the show on the Peacocks website here but if you really want to find out more pop down, ask whoever's looking after the space about the show and add a new interaction to your day! The show will run til the end of September.

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