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'Ignore the Management' by Michele Horrigan & Sean Lynch at W OR M!

'Ignore the Management' is the current show at the new Peacocks W OR M space at the Castlegate and brings together the work of Michele Horrigan & Sean Lynch. The preamble on the event page reads "For some years now, through both artistic and curatorial activities, Horrigan and Lynch have investigated the multifaceted nature of the public realm. With a focus on their native Ireland, their activities find and develop models that challenge the societal measures and institutional values that aim to manage and orient human behaviour in our increasingly technocratic world."

After the success and excitement of 'The Gift' (read about it here) I was a little unsure what to expect from the new show, especially after reading about sacred fairy trees but after hearing the artists talk about their individual works and how they approached each project, ranging from the scienftific to the absurd I might add, the work became instantly accessible and fun to explore. Tales …

Art Hive # 2 at Ruthrieston Community Centre!

The second Art Hive event took place a few weeks back and proved to be another successful night, bringing together a nice array of people from different backgrounds and disciplines. This one took place at Ruthrieston Community centre in the old nursery space which was also the home of Temporary Studio a good while back (more about that here!). As with the first event Kelly from the Creative Learning team had organised a few guest speakers along with a practical jewellery making demonstration.

First up was a rather interesting talk by Shirelley Young, a local artist and maker who works with young offenders, using art and creativity to find a bit of purpose and to help them. This idea really resonated with me as art has been a source of healing in the past and has given me a real focus. Shirelley talk showed the power of her work, the stitched blanket depicting the castlegate was made by someone with substance abuse issues and various offences under their belt and yet when given the cha…

Nuart Festival 'Rise Up!' - The Street Works!

Its easy to imagine after running a festival for 17 years you might fall back on the same formulaic curation and take the easy route of churning out the same instagram friendly murals each year. But as we quickly learned during Nuart Aberdeen, Martyn Reed doesn't take the easy road! 'Rise Up' the title for this years festival brought with it the question of power and asked 11 artists to respond. For almost 2 decades street artists have been challenging the notion of public space, forming an atethisis to the paid for advertisements that all too often dominate our cities. Many artists chose to use the street as their canvas to share ideas and to challenge those established norms, making a visible comment on social & political issues, subverting the city while others turn it into a game, find the invader or enjoy the optical illusion!

When we think of street art the path has been well and truly laid by Banksy, his distinctive stencils have raised awareness for many of the …