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'The Gift' by Raydale Dower at The W OR M!

'The Gift' is the inagural show at the new Peacock Visual Arts (PVA) space, W OR M situated at the Castlegate, occupying the former Artist Pad shop. As PVA moves into a new phase 'The Gift' is a perfect symbol for what's to come. Working with Glasgow based artist Raydale Dower, the new space has been stripped right back to the bare stone, revealing the layers and history of the building, also a nod to the areas historical significance. The once tight corridors of the art shop have been transformed into an open and bright gallery space, creating a fitting continuation of the spaces cultural significance. 

Raydale, hailing from Bridge of Don in Aberdeen has worked closely with PVA both on the design and layout of the space but also on 'The Gift'. While visiting his parents house in Bridge of Don Raydale found an old metal iron. Reminded of the infamous Dada artist Manray sculpture which showed an old style iron with nails attached (see here). The chance discov…

'Soul Soup' by Caitlin Hynes at Parx Cafe!

'Soul Soup' is a new solo show from Caitlin Hynes, currently on at Parx Cafe. Caitlin has been quiet of late hosting a series of workshops and classes with the Creative Learning team, helping people of all ages to make, play and discover the joy of creating. And this element of joy and happiness is something that's present in a lot of Caitlin's work. 

Quietly beavering away for the past few months, the show is a masterclass in Caitlin's unique style and execution. Mixing screen print, drawings and ceramic works, the show is another step into Caitlins world. The drawings and prints have become more detailed and full while here grasp of ceramics if greatly informed by her clear creative vision. As we walked around the space small details began to emerge the works and everyone seemed to be enthralled by it. As I looked at each of the small ceramics on the table I noticed a little drawing next to each one, the blueprints for spoons, trinket bowls and ornaments. Every su…

'This Will Ruin Everything' by Recoat at The Lighthouse!

Now in its final week, this is your last chance to see the 10 year celebratory show by Recoat, 'This Will Ruin Everything'. Currently on at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, the show is an exploration of Recoat and their first 10 years including gallery shows with some of the biggest names in graff and street art, community mural projects, European art exchanges and a whole load more!

The show is about more than looking back though, instead they chose to explore how many of their collaborators straddle multiple worlds and disciplines. Where is the line between artist and record sleeve designer, illustrator and furniture maker? With so many incredible artists its a chance for Recoat to explore some of the great projects they've executed but also to exam the impact of the modern mural phenomenom, what it means to bring art into communities and why engaging with people is so important. And that for me has always a huge part of what makes Recoat so successful at whatever they do. From…