'Incidental Interiors' by Rachel Barron & Anna Shirron at The Suttie Art Space!

While up checking out the 'Forest Magick' show we took in the current exhibition at the bigger space at ARI. 'Incidental Interiors' is a joint exhibition by Rachel Barron & Anna Shiron, marking the first time the pair have collaborated. I recognised the distinctive hanging cut outs by Shirron after enjoying her degree show work of a similar nature a few years before. Paired with the subtle coloured fabris by Barron the space is transformed, not quite as claustrophobic as a labrynth but certainly new paths are created.

"Incidental Interiors is a site specific installation by Rachel Barron & Anna Shiron, which takes the hospitals interior as its starting point.

Zooming in on the acrhcitectural elements that may typically go unnoticed - from duct taped floors panels to metal grid structures and spiral air vents - artists have drawn from the incidental colour schemes and material encounters found within the hospital building.

Bringing together their work for the first time within this exhibition, the installation is composed of suspended panels that layer and interact; Shirron's paper cut out - made entirely by hand - are formed of patterns derived from a series of photogrpahs that magnify unplanned visual aspects within the hospital interior; Barron's transparent fabric panels display subtle hues of colour that reference the hospital's navigational mapping system of colour coded zones. The work seeps into the hospital environment, through playful interventions that interact with interior elements."

The show looks quite organised and structured when you first enter the space, its only upon moving around you begin to notice shapes appearing and morphing through the colour fabrics, creating new hues and patters. The walls are adorned with the beautiful shadows cast through the giant cut outs, stretching out to create new forms as you go. Its quite calming to be in the space, I'm sure a welcome feeling to most visitors of the hospital.

Again I'm a little late to the party but the show is on until the 6th of August so there's still a few weeks to get up and see it for yourselves. also next week on the 29th you can attend a creative workshop, more info on that here and a special curators tour of the show on the 2nd of August, more info here!

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