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'Surface Crush' by Craig Duncan at Seventeen!

It was around this time last year I paid a visit to the Grays Degree show and bumped into a face from my past. As naieve 17 year old I started my first job washing dishes in an old folks home. The job was mundane but the residents were full of stories and helped pass the days. My boss at the time was none other than Craig, a slightly younger and more stressed out version of the artist I know today, tasked with managing a small group of reprobates while also cooking for the 50 odd residents. I was actually shocked when I met him at the art school all these years later, his enthusiasm the same but the stress from the previous years long gone. With many of these big catering companies you find people tend to make it a job for life, a sad prospect and knowing even back then Craig was a creative soul it felt like one of those magic moments, seeing him again pursuing his passion. 

Fast forward a year from the Degree Show and Craig has a solo show of new and reworked pieces at Seventeen. Crai…

'Incidental Interiors' by Rachel Barron & Anna Shirron at The Suttie Art Space!

While up checking out the 'Forest Magick' show we took in the current exhibition at the bigger space at ARI. 'Incidental Interiors' is a joint exhibition by Rachel Barron & Anna Shiron, marking the first time the pair have collaborated. I recognised the distinctive hanging cut outs by Shirron after enjoying her degree show work of a similar nature a few years before. Paired with the subtle coloured fabris by Barron the space is transformed, not quite as claustrophobic as a labrynth but certainly new paths are created.

"Incidental Interiors is a site specific installation by Rachel Barron & Anna Shiron, which takes the hospitals interior as its starting point.

Zooming in on the acrhcitectural elements that may typically go unnoticed - from duct taped floors panels to metal grid structures and spiral air vents - artists have drawn from the incidental colour schemes and material encounters found within the hospital building.

Bringing together their work for the …

'Forest Magick' by Kyle Noble at The Suttie Art Space!

Despite being up to the hospital for numerous reasons it was only on the very last day of 'Forest Magick' that I managed to get some snaps. Even as we rushed through the corridor to see my brother who was in for treatment we still found ourselves stopping to take in the wonderous art works before running on. I guess hospitals are a place of mass transit as people make their way from one area to the next, from the X Ray Suite up to the wards, from heamotology to the pharmacy. And this is where Grampian Hospitals Art Trust can add a little bit of magic. With their extensive collection of art works, they have adorned hospital walls throughout the Grampian area, constantly changing and responding to the environment, not just for the patients but also for the staff who work in these spaces. Its a huge undertaking from a curatorial point of view, especially when you add on the 2 dedicated gallery spaces at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Its in these spaces they host invited artists and ha…