'This Will Ruin Everything' by Recoat!

Recoat are a bit of a Glasgow institution, responsible for some the city's most iconic murals and bringing some of the biggest names in graffiti and street art to Scotland. Reaching the ripe old age of 10 the gang have decided to take a look back at the past decade of events, exhibitions and murals via a retrospective show at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. Also, they would like to produce a hardcover book to help catalogue and archive what must feel like a lifetimes work. But to do this they need your help. The exhibition is already set for July and the book layout and design is done but the cost of producing such a wonderous item doesn't come cheap so they've started a kickstarter page. With a huge range of rewards starting from £3 to £3000 there's something for all budgets. 

I first walked past the old Recoat gallery a good few years ago and was amazed to find artwork by SheOne and a few others who's designs I'd seen on the old Addict t shirts. The gallery was shut but I found them on social media and made an effort to check out as many of their shows as I could and the team were always super friendly and welcoming. Over the years they've helped support and nurture a huge number of Scottish talent from all over the country and have started some incredible mural initiatives like the annual Spring Fling festival and I'm sure everyone recognises the common wealth murals dotted around Glasgow. But there's so much more the team have done and the book is a chance to delve into these projects and to own a little piece of Recoat history. £30 will secure you a pre order of the book, a steal for whats sure to be a future classic and these guys have given so much and done so much its a small price to pay to help them achieve their goal. 

So you can check out the kickstarter page here and select a reward that suits you and hopefully by this time next week the project will be fully funded and the books will be ready for their big exhibition. And if not then I guess its just on to the next project! Good luck Recoat and thanks for some incredible shows!

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