Margaretann Bennett RSW, Alan McGowan & Maralyn Reed-Wood at Gallery Heinzel!

Gallery Heinzel sits nestled on Thistle Street up in the West End of Aberdeen. Although its played host to some of the Look Out figures from the Look Again festival I'd never mustered the courage to set foot inside. I'd often catch a glimpse of something through the window that took my fancy but I'd never taken the plunge and gone in. That is til Mary told me about an incredible show featuring work by Margaretann Bennett RSW, Alan McGowan & Maralyn Reed-Wood.

The show is made up of three very different artists working in different mediums but each seems to complement the other. The powerful female figures featured in Margaretanns paintings seem to hold this strange power, almost an otherness that's hard to describe but the figures depicted are strong and not to be messed with. Maralyns porcelain figures also create a strong contrast with strong female characters but perhaps a little softer, the delicateness of the materials playing into the quality of the works. The chain link piece hanging at the back of the gallery was the perfect example of strength and delicacy. Alans work is split between roving green landscapes and rather incredible nude portraits with some skeletons thrown in for good measure. While the skeletons should hark back to the macabre, when seen with the fleshed out counterparts they take on a more life like quality, each brush stroke adding a little nuance of life.

Its funny how preconceived notions of Gallery Heinzel held me back from going in but I'm glad I did. To see work that you instantly make a connection to is rare but this show did just that. You can currently see the Summer Exhibition at the space which again features some really incredible work across both painting and sculpture and you can see the full list of works on display for the previous show here, I took a few snaps but they don't really do it justice.

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