Look Again Festival Recap # 1!

The dust is settling, the paintings are back in their cupboard and the pineapple has finally been eaten! Look Again 2017 has been and gone marking the end of one of the busiest months I can remember with NUART taking up the first half of April and Look Again the second. With the festival split into two halves it seemed a bit daunting being responsible for videoing the festival along with my good friend and photographer extraordinaire Grant Anderson but somehow we got through everything and got most of the events on film. Grant also doubled up as the official event photographer and sent me a link to some of his snaps so it seems only right to share a little bit of his journey through Look Again!

I'm a big believer in the old adage "A picture speaks a thousand words" which should save you having to wade through a massive write up but if you want to get a little more insight into the RGU leg of Look Again then check out my previous post about it here. In brief, 3 exhibitions across campus, a wearable inflatable parade, college student workshop, wearable inflatable performance, DIY t-shirt screen printing, zine making workshop, 2 guest lectures, a night of neo traditional music and visuals, dance workshop, film screenings, pop up boutique shop and encouraged by some small ladies I personally went into the belly of the beast and came out alive on the other side!

And that was only the first weekend, a small portion of the overall festival with another 4 days of events and shows taking place in the city centre the following weekend. Thankfully Grant was on hand to capture some incredible snaps of those events which ill cover in a few more posts over the coming week. All of the RGU events were really aimed at engaging and opening discourse with students and staff alike, giving them a chance to break from their conventional work day and engage with something different and hopefully inspiring. I've often had it levied at me that "nothing ever happens in Aberdeen" and quite often its from students. A huge part of starting this blog was to blow away that myth and to provide evidence to the contrary, that in fact Aberdeen is a great city full of wonderful creative people and Look Again, now in its 3rd year fully encapsulates that. So if you happen to be a student and happen to be reading this thinking "but nothing does happen blah blah" just go buy yourself a pineapple, I wont tell you where to shove it.

Massive thanks to Grant Anderson for the photos and also to the entire Look Again team, its a huge effort to put on a festival of this magnitude which has grown year on year, from the organisers to the guides and volunteers.

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