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Look Again Festival Recap # 2!

Week two for Look Again was a busy time with even more exhibitions, installations and events than the previous week at RGU. The festival was launched by design extraordinaire Wayne Hemingway, founder of Red or Dead and Hemingway Design. Wayne sat down for an informal chat with some local creatives before delivering a career spanning talk which looked at his humble beginings to being one of the most well know designers in the UK. A huge part of Wayne's ethos seemed to be about making things happen, taking risks and believing in what you're doing. Apart from one participant who wanted to argue over the as yet unseen effect of Brexit (mostly negative so far) I think everyone came out of the talk feeling inspired and enthused about the opportunities our city has to offer.

Later that evening saw the opening of the Thomson & Craighead twitter wall in the new Peacocks 'Worm' space, formerly the artists pad at the Castlegate. As peacocks move forward the new space aims to …

Look Again Festival Recap # 1!

The dust is settling, the paintings are back in their cupboard and the pineapple has finally been eaten! Look Again 2017 has been and gone marking the end of one of the busiest months I can remember with NUART taking up the first half of April and Look Again the second. With the festival split into two halves it seemed a bit daunting being responsible for videoing the festival along with my good friend and photographer extraordinaire Grant Anderson but somehow we got through everything and got most of the events on film. Grant also doubled up as the official event photographer and sent me a link to some of his snaps so it seems only right to share a little bit of his journey through Look Again!

I'm a big believer in the old adage "A picture speaks a thousand words" which should save you having to wade through a massive write up but if you want to get a little more insight into the RGU leg of Look Again then check out my previous post about it here. In brief, 3 exhibitions…