'Processed Studio' by Matt Morris at The Anatomy Rooms!

'Processed Studio' is the second residents show to open at The Anatomy Rooms and features a selection of small and large scale works by Matt Morris. If you made it along to the Open Studios you might have spotted a white work van at the studio entrance covered in giant tools, that would have been Matts. Matts paintings focus on the every day tools which you should be familiar with, scissors, scrapers, spades and chisels all feature in the show, rendered quite simply as they are. Matts painting are pretty bold but there's a real attention to detail which is quite intriguing. 

Having almost finished renovating the flat I have a new found appreciation for a good tool, a product designed with purpose and job to fulfil, utilitarian and yet when rendered in a painting or drawing they take on a new value. I guess in our age of digital consumption and instant gratification we may have forgotten that many of the most basic tools, saws, screw drivers, chisels have all gone through an intense process to create the best possible implement and many of them haven't changed in hundreds of years! You will really appreciate a good saw when you have a floor joist to saw through or needs to plaine down some hard wood. So I dig it, the matching blue handles of the scrapers is a symbolic family bond, they need to be kept together, the shadow from the scissors is dare I say, sexy? I certainly think so.

'Processed Studio' will on display for the next few weeks, you will have a chance to see it as part of the NUART Aberdeen Kick Off event happening next Thursday, more info on that here. Right, I'm off to re-organise my tool box and show my tools some love!

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