'Stuffed Gallery 2017' at Newave Gallery!

Its sad to think that Stuffed Gallery 2017 might just be the last show at Newave Gallery, at least as we know it. With the pressures of running a business combined with the current financial climate in Aberdeen it looks like Newave will be handing over the lease on their current space to new owners leaving them in a bit of a no mans land. Its clear to see the amount of time and love that has gone into Newave over the last few years, quickly standing out from the other galleries through its policy of supporting local artists and especially recent art school graduates. Along with SMART Art Agency they've really aligned themselves with the younger art crowd and give a platform to great artists like Catherine Ross, Ade Adesina and Chris Wells. But its been an up hill battle and for the most part has been a self funded venture which is sadly unsustainable.

However there's a few really positive things to consider. Firstly the current exhibition is one of many such group shows that has brought together an eclectic and diverse range of work and has proved to be a good formula for the gallery. Secondly with the rise of online sales Newave could be set to capitalise on the hard work they've put into building up their name and using it to curate and sell work via the web. It would allow them the freedom to move around minus the constraints of a physical space.

This Stuffed show really is packed full of work and serves as a perfect example of why Newave has been so essential for the creative sector with art students work sitting next to established names and work that stretches across all mediums. I mean there really isn't many galleries who would do this in the North East and really the quality of the work speaks for itself. Painting, portraiture, photography, print, sculpture all feature including one piece made from old skateboards. Every show hosted at Newave has had its merits and it'll be sad to see them go but with their love for what they do and incredible drive it'll only be a matter of time before they're back, in what form I don't know yet but I wish them luck going forward. Its been truly unique and inspiring!

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