London Street Art 2008?

I recently discovered a back up drive rammed full of photos from years gone by. A quick search revealed these snaps from London back in 2008. As new work goes up all the time a lot of these pieces have either been painted over or have been destroyed in the case of the Invader pieces. Anyway, thought it would be fun to share them, I remember the Sweet Toof & Sickboy collab piece well and the Banksy & D*Face cars, I think the D*Face Bomb was pretty new at the time. It was fun walking around and spotting those old Invader pieces, I think some of the later ones were just off Oxford Street too.

Note the garages down in the Star Yard just off Brick Lane which is now an open plan space and a must check site when in London!  Fanakpan has been creating new works there every few months for the past year or so. As always if you want to try and keep up with the ever changing walls then Hookedblog is a go to site, great photos and information about a wealth of artists, a real essential resource for documenting street work. Hard to believe I took these photos 9 years ago, pre blog!

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