Beyond The Square - Instagrams of the Week!

Time for another round of inspiring images from the social tundra of Instagram! As always Instagram offers a wealth of visual delights at your finger tips but sometimes its easy to just keep flicking and not fully appreciating the images before you! So here's a run through of a few visual delights from the past few weeks.

Kicking off with a beauty by James aka SheOne. James has been a favourite of mines for a while and really does abstract like no one else. O.Two recently opened a new joint show with Anrea Riot titled 'Hex Coda'. The stream of brush marks with black and yellow has really got me excited to see the new body of work, if only through a screen. The official program for NUART Aberdeen is out and features a little show by myself, bringing together a selection of works featured on instagram, kinda like these blog posts but projected in an old library, more on that later! My favourite graff head 45rpm was recently in Edinburgh with Mr Penfold and painted a cool piece, must get down and find it soon! Jealous Gallery are currently hosting a pop up exhibition by Toaster with all manner of prints and a few painted toasters for good measure. Without doubt Deno is one of my favourite tattoo artists and the sooner I can get something inked the better, might have to settle for some prints for the walls first though.

Neil Corall has a pretty extensive archive of vintage architecture and furniture images from old magazines and is worth a troll through for inspiration. Neil also works at Hanon Shop who have just launched their own clothing line, not content with being one of the original sneaker head emporiums. The new collection looks pretty on point and ill be sure to cop a few pieces before they sell out. I quite enjoy discovering new artists and makers and Frase8 just happened to appear on my time line. His geometric alphabet letters instantly appealed and he was swifly followed. The McManus Gallery followed me and quick scan through their archive ensured a follow back, check them out. I recently covered the Hop Head Project which will hopefully continue and expand. Prolong Bags is a local org based in the Anatomy Rooms who create cool bags using old clothes, material offcuts and whatever else they can get their hands on. Urban renewal at its finest. If there's one person who's been making my eyes pop of late then its William Moulding. Preparing for his next show, Will is giving us all a glimpse into his process behind the scenes at Peacocks and the finished products are looking fly! Lastly a cheecky shot of me measuring a wall the old fashioned way for NUART Aberdeen, not long to go til launch time!

Be sure to check out each of the posts below and delve into the profiles, take a minute to appreciate the images on a big screen and explore a little beyond that "Like" button!

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