A Flying Visit To Perth & Glasgow!

So despite dying with the cold again I managed to get on a megabus to check out some art down in Perth & Glasgow. First stop was in Perth to catch up with Katie Guthrie along with some of her painted doors, created with textile & design wiz Fun Makes Good. Their doors can be found at The Perth Museum and the Public Library, adding some much needed colour to the town amenities. We didn't see Katie as she had to prepare for a magical birthday trip but she did recommended a great little cafe on the main street which seemed to be full of dogs and their owners. Their hot chocolate and brownies were delicious and restored me to a semi normal state despite being in full lurgy mode.

Next stop was Glasgow where I'd hoped to catch a few shows and some friends. First port of call was Many Studio's in the Barras to see my old school friend Katie Eyre (prints and centre piece). Titled 'Woolgathering' the show also featured work by Susanne Lund Pangrazio (Braids & portraits) and Nicole Bennet (night time paths). For a small space the show really made it feel bigger without over filling the walls, each piece complementing the next with colour, form and texture all playing a part. I really loved the braided pieces while Katie's new print pieces had a really sense of pace to them despite their 2 dimensional appearance, almost like you could step into them and Nicole's work threw up the question "where does this lead to?". It was really great to catch up with Katie and to find out about her studio work and I'm looking forward to catching up again soon!

Next up it was back into Glasgow centre where we stopped past Glasgow Print Studio for a look at Joy Bain's 'The Year of the Rooster' show. Showcasing a selection of animal woodblock prints, joy proved that sometimes simple is best. Employing woodblock printing with a distinctive red ink helped give the show a uniformity, a repetition which works perfectly. Simple indeed but no less brilliant for it. 

Our final stop took us to The Lighthouse to see the Alan Kitching 'A Life In Letterpress' show. Sadly we arrived a bit on the late side and only had 5 minutes to look at the vast collection of work on display, tracing the career of a true master craftsman. I was able to get a few snaps before having to vacate the building but even in that short time it was easy to see why Alan is held in such high esteem. It was interesting to see how some pieces really played with the blank space on a page as much as the information they were tasked with sharing, while others seem to be pure play with the use of incredible letter press fonts and bright colours. Thankfully there's a few more weeks to catch the show so I might have to pop down again for another look. If you can't make it then I highly recommend checking out this short video about Alan and his work

It was back onto the megabus and home in no time but least we managed to squeeze in some great shows and had a real blast catching up with friends. Still need to pop down to Dundee to see the DC Thomson show at the DCA so that's next on the hit list and also Ade Adesina's 'Secret's of the Sand' up at GHAT!

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