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'Secrets of the Sand' by Ade Adesina at The Suttie Arts Space!

Ade Adesina is back in Aberdeen after a 4 month stint at the prestigious Eton College where he created a series of brand new woodblock prints and presented a new sculpture piece. That show and other works has now come to The Suttie Arts Space based at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Titled 'Secrets of the Sand' it brings together a selection of Ade's most recent works including the 3 Eton woodblock prints, a collaborative print with Tomasz Wrobel, another with June Carey RSW, a fine selection of older works and a stunning sculpture installation.

The two collaboration pieces showcase not just Ade's creativeness but also his ability to take an idea and another artists work and interpret it with his own unique style. The Tomasz piece is instantly recognisable for its cavernous catacombs, the morphous rocks joining the floor and ceiling while man made debris litters the foreground. Another interesting point about the print is that it can be flipped upside down and still works as…

Spectra Festival 2017!

Well February doesn't disappoint that's for sure. The annual Spectra Festival rolled out the neon carpets, ignited the fires and switched on the fluorescent bulbs but there was one huge problem. Rain, sleet and snow all fell over the course of the Spectra weekend, not unusual weather for the time of year but certainly a huge factor for an almost entirely outdoor based festival. And yet 63,000 people braved the elements over the course of the weekend to witness the weird and the wonderful light installations which went from Marischal College to the rooftop garden above the St Nicholas centre, into the St Nicholas kirk yard, Seventeen on Belmont street and culminating in a series of works in Union Terrace gardens.

The aim of the festival is to provide some relief from the winter blues by showcasing a selection of light based art works and events which take the viewer on a short journey across the city centre. Incredibly with a very short window the organisers managed to bring tog…

'Art Birthday Party' at The Anatomy Rooms!

"Art's Birthday" is an annual event first proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou. The concept is pretty simple, this is the official birthday of Art, so why not celebrate it in all its different forms. And thats what happened at The Anatomy Rooms on the 17th January. Partnering with The Space of Pomodoro Bolzano in Regensburg, Germany, both organisations hosted small parties in their respective spaces with a special spinning chair zone that allowed attendees to skype and spin with a stranger in Regensburg. 

As with any birthday party decorations were hung, music was pumped and games were played. Kirsty Russel also made some special cakes for the occasion which somehow ended up on a small trolley being pushed back and forth along the corridor. It was by no means a wild event but it was really fun to have a spin in the chair and share a moment with one of the participants at the other end, pulling faces and trying not to fall off! The Anatomy Rooms offers a studio…