Bench Talk with Tom Gerrard!

Bench Talk is a podcast series from Australian artist and designer Tom Gerrard. I got tuned in via 45RPM who sat down and chatted with Tom about his work, inspirations and some of their shared adventures. The podcast guests are primarily from the world of graffiti and street art but also delves into Melbourne's music scene and galleries.

A quick scan through the podcasts throws up some pretty cool names from the street graffiti scene including Sickboy, Peter Drew, Anthony Lister and 45RPM. Tom's background in the graff scene throws up some interesting tales from the past and gives a fun insight into the life of an ex street vandal. You can check out the full list of podcasts on the Bench Talk site, the latest one from Dabs & Myla will be my listening for this evening before I delve into his archive. You should also check out his instagram where he showcases examples of guests work, some really cool people.

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