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'Doors Open Day 2016' at The Anatomy Rooms!

Like many people I was quite oblivious to what had been happening inside The Anatomy Rooms since the first call out for artists. As part of the Doors Open Day in Aberdeen we finally got a peek into the inner workings and goings on of the space and I was completely blown away by what I saw. Armed with my DSLR I made my way around the studio spaces as they were at that time and tried to capture a flavour of what the day was like.

Narrow corridors lead you down to the back of the studios where individual studios look out over West North Street while the main corridor branches into old teaching rooms which now house 2 to 3 artists each. Every room seemed to hold more wonders than the next as the resident artists showed completed work and some of their work in progress, some were just set up as the artists use them day to day, museum like while others were on hand and invited you to participate whether it be creating a design and making a badge or having a shot on a knitting machine. The da…