Pandemic Travels from 2021 Part 2!

'The Shape Of A Mountain' by Izzy Thomson at Aberdeen Art Centre!

The Abedeen Arts Centre has had a good run of art shows with solo exhibitions from the same artists who organised the Qualia show earlier this year at Seventeen. Where the Seventeen show focussed on the groups efforts and a first, post degree show affair, the solo shows have been a chance for the artists to show new work and to stand on their own. I managed to check out all of the shows as they happened apart from Katie's as the gallery was being used but I didn't manage to document any of the works on display at Charlottes or Tonis shows. I'd even say its nice to sometimes just appreciate art in the moment and not be thinking about the social media hast tag machine!

However, with time on my hands I did get some snaps from Izzys show. 'The Shape Of A Mountain' continues Izzys journey into the realms of landscape and story telling. Large scale works adorn the walls, moody mountain ridges and tiny portraits sit next to rather charming models and a great diorama of a fishing vessel sailing into the night as a whales gently disappears hangs out of the wall in what I assume to be a fishing crate. Another small painting shows a man in a boat, is he leaving land or returning from a great adventure, its unclear. There feels like a lot of openness in the work that allows the viewer to create their own narrative depending on their mood and what they might see in the work. Although using a dark palette the paintings don't feel gloomy or menacing, instead maybe conveying the feeling that its been a fine day up the hills but its time to head back and get the log fire on.

Along with the stunning landscape paintings you will also find a poem. "Air has gone quiet, and suggest adventure. It has pulled me, like I am a magnet. Over brick manipulated, and pebbles placed here, to rock imbued with time, to height so I am skin again. Air has gone loud now, and wind blows my hat away, with my hair still in it". After going to see Izzys show I walked around with that poem in my jacket pocket. Every so often my hand would touch it and I got a little kick knowing I was there til I found a minute to myself to look at it. It instantly brings back her paintings and the deep dark hills of her world. For that's what Izzy creates, her own world, a place removed from the norm that's becomes more and more realised with each new piece. And its fantastic!

All the artists, Katie, Charlotte, Toni and now Izzy have been prolific since leaving grays and although they may all have left Aberdeen for the foreseeable future, they've definitely left a big impression on me and given me a wealth of work to admire and appreciate. Here's to their continued success!

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