The 12 Months of Risotto Studios and The Rise of Riso!

Risotto Studios is a Glasgow design and print studio based in the creative hub that is The Glue Factory. The studio takes its name from the Risograph printer, a sort of high quality brother to your standard office copier / printer. They popped up on Facebook as a friend liked their page so I thought I'd have a look and find out what they do.

 Riso printing seems to have really taken off in the last few years, partly due to its high quality spot colouring capabilities, giving users almost as much freedom as you can achieve with your photoshop palettes and also for the high quality print image capabilities. The ability to produce screen print quality images at a fraction of the cost and in high numbers has seen new designers embrace the riso printer, giving it an almost cult like status. With 4 years under their belt Risotto Studios are one of numerous print spaces embracing the riso and bringing it to the masses.

With a host of events under their belt and numerous work shops the group are opening up new avenues for creatives across Glasgow and have also been busy designing and producing a wide range of riso goods. Working both in paper and textiles, you'll find a pretty lush selection of prints and wearable goods, the Legs t shirt being a favourite. You can also search for goods based on their collections which include standard themes like Foliage, Geometric but also Banana and Gloop! Colour and simple shapes are used to great effect in all the designs, smooth and clean yet popping at the same time. I was particularly interested in their month prints which cover January to December with each month showing a different pattern and colour palette (check em out below).

So at a time when Aberdeen's economic future is a little unsure its good to look to other cities and other creative models for inspiration. Through hard work, good design and a public centred approach Risotto have really carved out their own unique place in Glasgow's cultural sector and seem to be going from strength to strength. You can find out more about what they're up to via facebook, book onto some of their short courses and of course pick up some lovely goods via their online shop!

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