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'Standing Off Balance' by Lauren Milton at The Anatomy Rooms!

The Anatomy Rooms is Aberdeen's newest artist studio complex situated in the old anatomy rooms at the back of Marischal College here in Aberdeen. Founded by Jim Ewen, the studios have been a labour of love but also a labour of blood, sweat and tears. Funding applications, space negotiations, refurbishments, planning have all been happening for the last two years with Jim finally getting the keys just over a year ago. In that time the studios have become populated with a wide selection of independent artists, local orgs like SHMU Radio  and research grads from Aberdeen University.

The studios have undergone a gestation period, giving the artist's a chance to settle in and get their spaces sorted. A few small scale events have taken place such as the SCAN Talk for the Look Again Festival and some SHMU related events but the Doors Open Day event a few months back gave me my first look at what Jim and the team have been doing all this time. I was amazed to find a rabbit like warren…

'Winter Exhibition Group Show' at Newave Gallery!

Another essential stop on my weekend of art show visits was to Newave Gallery. For the last two years they've curated a fine group show during December, pulling work in from the artists they've shown over the course of the year and some hand picked extras. As always Sylwias fine tuned eye has brought in a great selection with work by Ade AdesinaColin Dunbar, Rebekah Hill, Tracy LittleGeorgia MurrayHannah MurrayMartin NelsonJulie-Ann SimpsonKate SteenhauerMario Sughi aka nerosunero,Catherine RossJenny RossKatie WardTomasz Wrobel. A damn fine selection indeed.

The Winter Show has been curated with the price of the work playing an important part. Everything is for sale and priced at under £500 with many works costing less than £250. Some might gasp at the prices, be astounded even. £250 is after all, a lot of money. But for that you're not just buying a piece of disposable wall art and you're not putting money into a multinational company. The mone…

'The Shape Of A Mountain' by Izzy Thomson at Aberdeen Art Centre!

The Abedeen Arts Centre has had a good run of art shows with solo exhibitions from the same artists who organised the Qualia show earlier this year at Seventeen. Where the Seventeen show focussed on the groups efforts and a first, post degree show affair, the solo shows have been a chance for the artists to show new work and to stand on their own. I managed to check out all of the shows as they happened apart from Katie's as the gallery was being used but I didn't manage to document any of the works on display at Charlottes or Tonis shows. I'd even say its nice to sometimes just appreciate art in the moment and not be thinking about the social media hast tag machine!

However, with time on my hands I did get some snaps from Izzys show. 'The Shape Of A Mountain' continues Izzys journey into the realms of landscape and story telling. Large scale works adorn the walls, moody mountain ridges and tiny portraits sit next to rather charming models and a great diorama of a f…