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'Printland - Print Sale Extravaganza' at Peacock Visual Arts!

December is almost upon us, that most hollow and crappy of months where town becomes filled with zombie like mums and dads, desperately trying to find that perfect present or perhaps they just enjoying being surrounded by hordes of people, but something happens to them, they go blank behind the eyes, stopping for no apparent reason to contemplate their existence, causing a bottleneck on the tiniest piece of pavement they can find. You might have guessed I'm not a huge fan of Christmas. Or at least what its come to represent. However I do love buying gifts for other people and as I'm sure many local business will tell you, shopping local at Christmas could be make or break for them!

The oil downturn isn't just hurting those who have been laid off although they're definitely at the sharp end of the stick (a pal just got laid off this week) but everyone is effected to some degree by it. Whether its a slight increase in the food shopping, a downturn in customers at you'…

'Am Happy With That' by Michael Astbury at Newave Gallery!

There's not long left now to see the cracking show by Michael Astbury at Newave Gallery. I saw Michael's work during his degree show in 2013 (see it here) and was well impressed by his lino prints and etchings. Dystopian depictions of cityscapes with prying viewing glasses give the impression that big brother is watching but never revealing who big brother is!

For his latest show you'll find some beautiful prints going back to his degree show days with their classic monotone styling's but newer painted works inject some full bodied colour into the mix along with a host of surrealist imagery. Taking the sharp edges and contours of the city scape but removing the dense city backdrop gives some of the work a sense of space while others play with scale, small figures appear to be working on Cadillac fenders and giant hubcaps. 

Its great to see Michaels work and progress since leaving Grays and another great show at Newave Gallery! 'Am Happy With That' runs until the …