'Threads' by Kelly-Anne Cairns at The Rendezvous Gallery!

On the same evening as the 'Creature Comforts' opening I found myself biking down to the Rendezvous Gallery beside my old school playing fields. Its a gallery I've often walked past and they usually have some stunning work on display but I'd never managed to venture in. That is until a new friend whom I met at the All The Young Nudes life drawing class mentioned she was having an exhibition and invited me down. And having seen Kelly's life drawing skills I was expecting some to see some beautiful work but her paintings go way beyond a few complimentary words.

'Threads' brings together a selection of paintings and life drawing studies which share a moment in time, what that moment is I'm not sure. It could be the calm before the storm perhaps. Each figure has a subtle edge which is intriguing and somewhat captivating. I found out that a lot of the paintings are actually of a mutual friend who poses for Kelly on a regular basis. I make a huge effort to try and engage with the local art community and I've made so many great friends who inspire me along the way but I'm always blown away when I meet someone like Kelly who's been working away for so many years with such incredible talent. Its these kind of connections, a simple hello at a life drawing class to visiting a new gallery, connecting some dots that makes me feel like its worth writing about the creative scene in Aberdeen. 

Sadly 'Threads' closed on the 8th of October but you can see some new work by Kelly as she works on her doors for the Painted Doors project and you can see more of her paintings and life drawing work via her facebook page so give her a follow!

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