'Trust Your Hands' by Will Barras at Stolen Space Gallery!

As a blogger I've always done my best to focus on all the amazing things which are happening directly around me whether its a show in Aberdeen, a gig I might go to in Glasgow or a trip abroad. Its almost always something I've experienced first hand but I've found myself being increasingly drawn into exhibitions and shows via the internet and platforms like instagram. So I've decided to expand my view a bit further and to feature more art that floats my boat beyond all the talented folks I meet in Aberdeen. So....

'Trust Your Hands' is currently on at Stolen Space Gallery in London and features a selection of new works from Will Barras along with some collaborative pieces with Stepff Plaetz. I've been a huge fan of his work since the heady days of the Addict Artist Series t shirts along with Mr Jago and SheOne. I've been seeing a lot of Wills recent work via Gamma Proforma who have utilised his powers to create incredibly dark and lush artwork for a slew of musical releases including Divine Styler, DefLon Sallahr and Juice Aleem. Gamma Proforma have also produced an incredible book 'Yeah Man' which delves into the world of Barras, his first tome and an essential book for any arts library.

Even viewing Wills work online you can see his masterful use of colour and tone, creating distinctive characters whom inhabit a slightly skewed and noirish world although there's less high rises and urban sprawl in 'Trust Your Hands', instead more focus is put on individuals and smaller scenes which float dream like on the wall. It would be great to see the show first hand but Stolen Space have done a good job of documenting the show, one of my favourite galleries to visit and you can take a dip into Wills world via his instagram and tumblr!

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