'Relax & Dance' at The Suttie Centre!

'Relax & Dance' took place at The Suttie Centre in July and featured the work of 3 Scottish artists who's work fits rather nicely together with each artist working in different mediums and approaches but with shared values. The artists, Fraser Gray, Robbie Hamilton and Mike Inglis have all produced fine bodies of work to date and appear to be at the forefront of Scottish contemporary art. Play and colour are strong motifs in all the work from the physical play of skateboarding required for Robbies piece, how the light on any day will play with Frasers window decals or Mikes use of words to make the viewer question their own values, all done with a tongue in cheek playfulness.

I knew of Fraser Gray via his work at Recoat Gallery and have been following him on facebook, seeing regular up dates on the numerous projects he's completed. His windows continue his exploration of colour and use of almost tartan motifs as seen in his older work. Robbie Hamilton was a name I'd come across via his installation at the RSA New Contemporaries show which featured a continuous wall ride ramp and looked like a lot of fun. Robbie brought friends and skaters into the gallery before the show opened to skate and enjoy the space in a new way, leaving marks on the walls and annoying the surgical teams below with the sound of rolling wheels. You can see a short video of the action below. Robbie also showed a selection of abstract paintings as part of the show. Rounding things out is Mike Inglis whose blog is a treasure trove of projects and installations which are well worth your attention. This is the first time I've come across Mikes work and its pretty damn awesome! His beehive alter and motivational / reality check works certainly give the viewer some food for thought but with a candy coloured sweetness.#

As always the team at GHAT pulled together a really fresh and exciting show. I'd argue that The Suttie Centre is one of the best contemporary art spaces in the city despite the fact I shudder every time I walk past the seat where I had a seizure last time I needed treatment at the hospital but I love the fact the space allows us as viewers to see the hospital in a new context, not just as a place where sick people go but a place that heals and can also inspire! Sadly 'Relax & Dance' is finished with a new show by Pester & Rossi currently in the space (a must see) but if you head down to Transition Extreme you might find a rather colourful grind box waiting for your smooth moves (I had none on the day of filming) but thats life, just relax & dance as they say!

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