Pandemic Travels from 2021 Part 2!

'Qualia' by Toni Harrower, Charlotte Johnston, Izzy Thomson & Katie Watson at Seventeen!

'Qualia' is a group exhibition from 4 recent graduates currently on show at Seventeen. Toni Harrower, Charlotte Johnston, Izzy Thomson and Katie Watson all showed great promise during the degree show and 'Qualia' is great first step or perhaps final step with regrards to Aberdeen as some of the artists are off to pursue new opportunities in Edinburgh and London but its great to see their work side by side for now.

'Qualia' is a philosophical term which means "a quality or property as perceived or experienced by a person" and fits the show perfectly. The show is a mix of older works and some new pieces the artists have been working on as they navigate a new path post art school and its great to see such an array of talents striking out. Each artist has brought their own unique quality to the show from Toni's meticulous and colourful block paintings, Charlotte's lush ink drawings, Izzy's semi dream like paintings and Katie's well regimented landscapes, each feels embodied with a story which only the viewer can decipher.

The show runs til the end of the month at Seventeen on Belmont Street, you can also check out some work by Gabi Reith in the upstairs space so be sure to pop down!

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