'The Narrowing Sky' by Catherine Ross at Newave Gallery!

Its hard to believe its been a year since Catherines first solo show at Newave Gallery but sure enough, 12 months have elapsed and what a time its been! Since graduating from Grays School of Art it seems like a non stop rollercoaster for Catherine with work in numerous exhibitions up and down the country and now a full new body of work based on a recent trip to her ancestral home land of Cananda.

When I filmed Catherine about her last show 'Snowblind Eyes' Canada came up quite a lot and seemed to hold this magical place in her heart. So of course a visit to the scenic homeland was going to be inspirational and the resulting paintings seem to have a brought a little of that magic back to Newave Gallery. Although still portraying Catherines distinctive style the new work feels like a progression from where she was this time last year and gives a sense of an artist finding the space around her and enjoying it, much as she did in the Canadian mountains.

'The Narrowing Sky' runs until next week so  be sure to pop into Newave and check it out and follow Catherine on facebook.

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