Pillow Talk: Working Space by VAU (Visual Artist Unit) at The Blue Lamp!

VAU or Visual Artist Unit is a loose collective of artists, base din Glasgow but with members scattered all across the country. Their mission is a simple one "Arts Organisation supporting emerging artists based in Scotland and improving public engagement and access to contemporary are for the wider community". A big part of their public engagement is the Pillow Talk lectures, where artists are invited to speak about certain aspects of their work, process, materials, background etc.

The latest Pillow Talk took place in Aberdeen at The Blue Lamp and featured talks from Kate Downie, Michael Agnew, Sarah Gallie and Alexander "Twig" Champion. The focus of the talks looked at each artists background and the importance of working space. Kate had some great stories about portacabins by the Fourth estuary  and spoke about some of her experiences in China while Michael spoke about his experiences at Grays School of Art and the rich history of the schools current building. Sarah was a burst of energy which explains why she's been involved in setting up some of the North East's leading art hubs, namely Limousine Bull (you can see a blurry pic of her holding up the original bull) as well as her work with the Scottish Sculpture Workshop and the importance of artist run and led spaces. Finally Twig blew the door of the studio with his tales of roaming studios, sometimes contained with in a back pack as he tramps his way through field and fern, absorbing all that the landscape has to offer and translating it into photographs, poems, haikus and memories.

Although each artist has a slightly different view of working space, they all shared the common thread of a space where people can meet, interact, organise, hold discourse and most importantly feel inspired. I was on hand to snap a some pics of the night and grabbed a few quick portraits of the speakers outside which you can see below. The talk was also captured on film and should be available to watch soon.

Keep up to speed with VAU via their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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