'A - 4 - 11' Exhibition by Ceres & Gmoney at Proof London!

After visiting Proof London on my last trip to London I've been keeping an eye on their output with a new show every month highlighting old and new talent from the graff / street art scene. Last month saw a meeting of criminal minds with 'A-4-11' a show featuring the work of Ceres & Gmoney. The show's title came from a shared cell number where both artists happened to serve some time under custody of her majesties finest!

"During 2012 and 2013, CERES and GMONEY spent their time locked up in various HMP establishments, including time together in Wormwood Scrubs’ cell A-4-11 for conspiracy to paint graffiti on trains. That cell, in all its limited resources, became their art studio and the work from that studio led to new techniques, ideas and innovations for both artists. PROOF is proud to present ‘A-4-11’, an exhibition of CERES’ and GMONEY’s latest, un-shown works which embody the spirit of freedom and invention in which the artists live their lives and make their art."

The work give a wee glimpse into prison life where a lighter becomes a valuable tool and inspiration is found on the hard drive of a shared computer (see the Butlins zine).  You can check out some photos from the show below and check out what else the Proof London guys are up to next via their website, facebook and instagram.


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