'Simply Painting' at Peacock Visual Arts!

Yet again other things have taken over my spare time and my desire to document and comment on current cultural offerings in Aberdeen is a bit thin. Sometimes you just need to take a step back. But I did manage to catch the 'Simply Painting' show at Peacocks a month back and was totally enamoured with the works on display.

"For Simply Painting the painter Jim Mooney has chosen works by eight distinguished artists notable for their intelligent exploration of the formal and expressive concerns that are particular to the visuality of an abstract painting entirely devoid of any mimetic tendency. Their work is testimony to painting’s capacity to be both a vehicle and repository of being and experience and the experience of being. They subtly and passionately reveal to us the precarious and provisional nature of what it is to be human."     

It was great to see some big work and also some incredible applications of paint. It's funny how abstract work can appear to just be shapes and colours randomly put to canvas with no rhyme or reason but somehow it speaks volumes, igniting something in the viewer that elicits feelings of dare I say pleasure. That's certainly what I felt looking at some of the works, a fine reminder of the power of art! I'm sure ill be back on the old horse soon enough, especially with the Smart ladies showing work at Parx café, opening tonight and one of my favourite artists from last years Degree Show (Caitlyn Main) showing her most recent work at Peacocks now! 

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