'Shared Vision' by Kate Downie at RGU River Side East!

Sometimes you stumble across art and it just blows you away. I miss the Art Gallery for that, the big open space feeling while you observe work. As luck would have it there's a pop up exhibition on in RGU's River Side East building at the moment and its fullfilled my quota for breathtaking art for the month, especially on top of seeing Lara Scouller's work! 

'Shared Vision' shows the talents of Kate Downie, a name thats been on my radar before and is now on my book shelf. 'Shared Vision' brings a fine collection of works created by Kate during various visits to China, a place she first visited in 2010 after recieving the William Gillies Scholarship. Combining traditional Chinese brush techniques with her unique eye for space and interactions makes for some incredibly stunning work. Floating worldesque rivers loomed over by road bridges, mountains could be office blocks while a solo boat floats on past, drunks exchange grimaces as the hustle and bustle continues overhead! These are just a few of the images captured by Kate, some with a minimum of line or colour but each bustling in a rather unique and profound way. I've always loved the energy of asian art from the floating world masters of Japan and China and Kate seems to have tapped into that energy with her work. Described by the University of Striling "This exhibition brings together a body of work relating to cultural absolutes in China and examines the role of ink painting in defining or mythologizing that culture in the 21st century and its influences in the West."

If you check out Kates biograpghy on her website she also sums up her world view quite nicely "Ever since living in Paris in the late 80’s, I have been exploring the concept of ‘La Place’: a point in the land where many roads meet. One of my creative concerns is to define these spaces between buildings rather than the buildings themselves. The object lesson for me is the witnessing and the drawing of these non-places which are also, by definition, public arenas of cumulative activity. My job as an artist is to accommodate these actions in our contemporary lives, and to find the poetry within." There's a few pieces which perfectly capture this idea and just blew me away, ones where the line between man made and nature is blurred but also completely polarised. 

The work will be on display to the public until the 27th of March. I took a few snaps on the iPhone but you really should head over to Garthdee for a visit if you have the time and get lost in the art for a little bit, I sure did!


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