London & Floating Points (Live) - Part 1!

Another trip to London, another incredible gig and a ton of photos. I feel like I've been writing a lot recently so ill try and keep this one short and highlight a few special things that happened on day 1. 

First up the reason for my trip, Floating Points! Having discovered his records through a phonica records email I was instantly hooked on his incredible productions, moving between soulful orchestral opuses to techno club bangers. Debut album Elaenia delivered a perfect slice of electronic music with heart and soul. Only playing 2 gigs in the UK both in London, anticipation was high and the gig smashed all expectations. Although familiar the songs took on new life with his 11 piece band adding subtle tones and flourishes to each song, with a new guitar lick here, a sax solo there, it was trully a feast not just for the ears but for the eyes. The synchronised visuals by Hamill Industries added a nice touch as they flexed and pulsed with the music but never overshadowing the performance. I've been to some incredible gigs over the years and Floating Points ranks up there with the best, and to think I almost didn't go because I didn't have money for travel!

I spent the earlier part of the day exploring the canals up to Hackney Wick, an area I'm not too familiar with. Its always fun to explore on foot but I didn't realise quite how far I'd be walking from the bottom of Brick Lane but once I hit the canal it was all worth it as I happily inspected barge upon barge deciding which one I will eventually live in! The walk brought me face to face with some images I'd only seen on instagram like the barge painted by Felipe Pantone, his line work is incredibly slick and actually looks better in real life, not often the case when seeing graffiti up close. Just beside is a paste up by Lily Mixe who's paste ups seem to blend into their surroundings, natural history drawings that have somehow escaped the confines of her sketchbook. A bit further still I found a nice underbridge mural by Brazils Zezão whos work I'd only seen in the Graffiti Brasil book. The pink gums seemed to dominate the canal side with a ton of pieces by Sweet Toof, surely the most up graffer in London.

I think that's enough fan boying for one blog post, the reason I know about half of these people is thanks to Hooked Blog who do an incredible job documenting and highlighting a lot of the graffiti and street art that pops up in the big smoke, sometimes only lasting a few days so if your a fan of that work give em a follow. Check out some snaps below and check out what I saw and did on Day 2 here! I said I wouldn't waffle on, I lied.

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