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'Ritual Spirit' by 3D at Lazarides Editions!

A trip to London usually includes a few essential missions, check out Stolen Space and everything else on the ever changing walls up Brick Lane, fire into Tate Modern and have a walk along the river and hopefuly catch any other decent art shows that happen to be on. However with only a day to really get out and explore London's cultural offerings I found myself running about like a mad thing taking in 6 different shows and one of them happened to be the 'Ritual Spirits' exhibition by 3D aka Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack fame. 

If your a Massive Attack fan then you've already been exposed to 3Ds distinctive artwork. Creating his own motifs and using strong symbolism such as the flame logo on Blue Lines or the dark brooding stag beetle on Mezzanine, 3D has established a style and aesthetic which is uniquely his own, but its something he's been working on for decades, pre Massive Attack as part of Britsol's soundsystem / graffiti collective the Wild Bunch. Ther…

'Life Work' by Martha Cooper at Stolen Space Gallery!

Martha Cooper. Subway Art. NYC Graffiti. Few great artistic movements have been as well documented as the rise of graffiti and now street art, still a relatively young movement but one which holds more power than almost any other major art movement before it. The use of spray cans to write almost unintelligible letters, words and names brought this new art movement direct to the people, no admission fee, no ticket required. Walk around any major city across the globe today and you will no doubt find scribblings and throw ups, talking in a language which is becoming more and more recognised yet still despised by local councils and city officials.

Martha was a pioneer in that she saw the beautiy in the chaos of 1970's New York and felt compelled to capture photographs of these tags and train cars, painted with style and ease in the middle of the night by young hoodlums. Martha entered their world and captured them at their most vulnerable creating striking portraits of some of the bi…

London And How To See Lots of Art - Part 2!

Day 2 in London was my gallery day, a chance to check out some shows and visit some new galleries. Armed with my iPhone I set off from Whitechapel in the hopes that my google maps wouldn't lead me on any wild goose chases and kill my phone battery!

First up 'Life Work' by Martha Cooper, renowned graffiti documentor at Stolenspace Gallery. Anyone who is interested in graffiti should know Martha and her seminal photo book Subway Art. Ask anyone from the higher echelons of the modern graffiti movement and they will all cite Martha's book as a huge factor in getting them out bombing the streets from London to Paris to Rome and back to NYC. I'll be doing a seperate post about the show as it deserves it! 

A little further up brick lane I found Proof Londonshowcasing work by Vents137 and Miha Kosmac. Vents137 showcased some nice canvas pieces, harking back to the golden age of graffiti with trains and old skool characters adorning each piece, very much an aerosol affair. Mi…