'Ahoy' by Stu Ford Opening at Parx Cafe!

Now is a good time to share the photos I took at the 'Ahoy' opening at Parx Cafe as they have since hosted 2 exhibitions, with Hatti Voar showcased a selection of new works titled 'Where The Wild Things Are' and this past Friday saw the opening of 'Blow' by Katie Guthrie (Shiach) which also looked amazing. 

As for Stu Ford, hes a bit of a legend really. A good friend and one part WLD WLVS (what ever happened to those guys?) its been great to see Stus work develop from his earlier works and designs for the WLVS to his screen printed works for the 'Ahoy' show. Blending strong graphics with a bold yellow and enough fades to add some rustic charm have resulted in a fine set of prints. Hand screen printed by Stu himself at Peacock Visual Arts the set looks slick but he assures me there's a few imperfections, a bit of a makers mark if you will which adds a little something to each piece. The nautical theme runs through out from the light house to the ship shape boat which is a personal favourite. I managed to get some snaps of the work in progress which you can spy here. I just need to get my prints framed up and I'm all set!

I've been badgering Stu to set up an online shop for selling his wares and have even thought about setting up my own print shop to help get his and a few other friends work out there, maybe something to look into for the new year! Until then you can check out more of his awesome work on behance and if you do want a print then you can contact him via twitter here!           . 

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