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The Artwork of Jennifer Argo!

The fine detailed illustrations of Jennifer Argo are really quite something.Rock types, geological formations, twigs, interconnecting branches and geometry are all present throughout Jens current body of work along with explorations into sculpture and architectural design.

For her illustration works Jen uses geological elements set off by stark white backgrounds, bringing out the detail in each piece. which when mixed with the natutal elements and perfect geometry create a fine balance. With her work covering illustration, sculpture, photography and architectural design I thought it would be a good time to delve a little deeper and find out first hand whats going on behind Jens impressive portfolio of projects and to find out whats coming next!

So firstly, a large portion of your illustrations represent geographical elements, rocks and strata, where did this intrest of rocks come from?

I have always  been fascinated by natural phenomena, my dad is a geologist and I used to collect minera…

A Trip to ATP Iceland Part 3 - Graffcity!

Finally part about my Icelandic adventure! Reykjavik is full of graffiti and street art and I spent a bit of time wandering around getting lost and scoping out dodgy back lanes, documenting the various tags and throw ups that I found. All in all Iceland was an incredible place to visit and there's still enough to discover to warrant a second visit and with Aberdeen recently getting a direct route to Reykjavik its a no brainer! Until next time, Þakka þér fyrir!