4 Beat Couture Presents Sclusivz and The Wab Lab & Jack Ill @ The Blue Lamp!

After a rather grim day I found myself having a little aimless roll around the city, in search of places to skate and generally trying to get out of the shitty mood I was in. And after an hour it kinda worked but it wasn't until I stepped into the Blue Lamp. I was instantly met with the funked out soul jams of Sclusiv while a group of local MCs rapped and rhymed over the top.

Being fairly naive to the local hip hop scene I was caught off guard, not only by how young the MCs were but also by the quality of their rhymes and flow. I'm by no means an authority on hip hop and I've always thought of UK hip hop as being pretty weak. But that was all changed within about 5 minutes! Seeing the guys step up to the mic firstly takes some guts, especially in front of mates and strangers and one MC in particular flowed with that distinctive Aberdeen twang which would usually have put me off but his lyrics were cutting and hooked me right in! 

The band which consisted of a few musical veterans of the Aberdeen gig scene were on point right through with some cuts and scratches added by Wab Lab main man kid Proquo who also provided some fine tune selections during the breaks. For a dreary night in Aberdeen it was pretty cool to stumble into a night like that and its cool that guys like Chris and Sclusiv are helping to shine a light on the talent which is coming out of places like Tillydrone, Mastrick and Northfield (I'm from Mastrick too by the way) and I'm quite excited to see what the next night will hold!

You can keep in the Wab Lab loop here, listen back to the whole evening here and if you wanna find out a bit more about the local MC scene then follow the 4 Beat Couture Rhythms & Rhymes page here! Big ups to everyone involved!

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