Getting on the 45RPM!

I've become a bit obsessed with collecting zines with a real penchant for graffiti zines. Instagram is of course plastered with graffiti pics of all shapes and sizes but the wild characters and hand style of 45rpm stood out. If your quick you might be able to get one of his zine bundles No Fuss Just Photos which gives a little insight into how he spends his free time when not crafting his cockney slang characters or busting out his unique throw up! 

One of the cool things about following 45rpm is discovering new people like the guys at AnyForty who've produced some slick tees featuring designs from 45, can't wait for the squid to arrive. And the Fifty Shades of Spray guys are busting out some awesome zines with each issue focusing on a particular pantone and featuring a heavy roster of contemporary graff heads, the name alone is worth a look!

And the dudes from Ironlak have made a pretty cool video during a studio visit with the man himself, giving a bit of insight into where his ideas come from and his well executed handstyle. You can check out the video below, follow 45 on instagram here and keep an eye on his shop for new and exclusive goods! 

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