'Feast Your Eyes' by Real Nice Co at Peacock Visual Arts!

Certainly one of the most colourful shows I've seen, Feast Your Eyes was just that, a feast of visual delights! Real Nice Co's Katie and Mike spent a few weeks painting up the walls down at Peacock Visual Arts along with the help of Molotow who provided pens and inks, explains why the colours popped so much! The show featured a 3 wall mural which weaved its way around the gallery like my face when I east spaghetti, covering every inch from floor to ceiling. 

The back portion of the gallery was used to showcase a suite of prints and artwork by each of the artists. Katie spent a few weeks prepping her prints at Peacocks and the finished editions looked fantastic. Mike's work also jumps off the wall, his attention to detail and skill is really second to none. The whole show really jumps off the walls and brings the duo's love of food into the fore, each character is serenely munching one some delicious treat, turtle shells become burger buns and marshmallows become happy smiley sprites! The fizzy pop looks a bit toxic but it doesn't seem to bother anyone. The opening night saw the walls come to life as guests were greeted with marshmallows and glasses of brightly coloured fizz, surrounded by a surreal world of technicoloured munchies. Shames if you missed it but I took a load of snaps just in case so have a scan below.

If you wanna find out more about Real Nice Co then give their Facebook page a follow, you can still pick up some of Mikes prints via his website and also Katie might have one or two prints left so dont hang about!  

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