'Living Beings' at Newave Gallery!

It's been a busy old month and I've fallen a little behind with not only whats coming up but whats already passed! And with the Grays Degree show in its final few days it seems poinant to highlight some of the work that Newave Gallery are doing in providing a platform to emerging talent. Also the fact they dont hang about either as they will be onto a new exhibition tomorrow with the opening of 'Snowblind Eyes' by Catherine Ross, not to mention I totally missed the 'Electrees' show which featured work by Tomasz Wrobel and Tansy Lee Moir, suffice to say it looked good!

'Living Beings' took place just over a month back and featured some interesting work by Elina Partheniou. Elina trains her eye on the micro organic, tiny cell structures blown up to a fathomable scale which seem familiar and yet relate to a world we only see glimpses of in news reports and films. Unless you work in a lab with microscopes in which case you might be well over it. Each piece is unique and doesn't seem to follow any set pattern as you might expect but instead shows a range of cell types, each one rendered with a unique quality by the artists hand. Layers are used with some areas of paper cut away to reveal strange forms, a nucleus or some protein particle, each playing their role withine the constuct of the cell and the drawings.

It was tricky to capture the incredible detail in each piece but you can get an idea of the time and effort thats gone into each piece from the photos below. With Smart Gallery recently announcing they will closing their permanent gallery space to focus on other ventures its important to support a new gallery like Newave who will be providing a very visible gallery space which so far has hosted a wealth of new graduate talents! Be sure to check out the exhibition opening tomorrow and also across the road at Peacocks who will be unveiling 'Feast Your Eyes' by Real Nice Co!

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