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'Living Beings' at Newave Gallery!

It's been a busy old month and I've fallen a little behind with not only whats coming up but whats already passed! And with the Grays Degree show in its final few days it seems poinant to highlight some of the work that Newave Gallery are doing in providing a platform to emerging talent. Also the fact they dont hang about either as they will be onto a new exhibition tomorrow with the opening of 'Snowblind Eyes' by Catherine Ross, not to mention I totally missed the 'Electrees' show which featured work by Tomasz Wrobel and Tansy Lee Moir, suffice to say it looked good!

'Living Beings' took place just over a month back and featured some interesting work by Elina Partheniou. Elina trains her eye on the micro organic, tiny cell structures blown up to a fathomable scale which seem familiar and yet relate to a world we only see glimpses of in news reports and films. Unless you work in a lab with microscopes in which case you might be well over it. Each piece i…

'In The Future' by Mike Hughes!

With the Degree show just around the corner it seems like all eyes are on the Art School and the new batch of graduates but in recent months there's be a slew of shows by the Graduates in Residence. The programme is aimed at helping a few lucky graduates keep up their artistic practice by providing them access to studios and the facilities at Grays. This might not sound like much but not having to worry about covering rent for a studio or working in your bedroom is a huge bonus, especially with a lack of affordable studios in Aberdeen!

I recently covered the 'Inbetween Outcomes' group show which saw work from Print Making & Sculpture graduates but just a few months back saw Painting Graduate in Residence Mike Hughes unveil a new body of work titled 'In The Future'. Mike has been a regular featured artist on the blog since his degree show in 2012 and has been incredibly busy with his Real Nice Co activities including the current 'Feast Your Eyes' event wh…