Temporary Studio Live # 2!

The Temporary Studio project is still on going and will be wrapping up at its current home at the end of June I think. So far its been really fun to hang out at the Ruthrieston space where I've met some new friends and also started to develop some new ideas for my own practice, something which always seems to get neglected. And the Temporary Studio Live events have proven to be a great motivator for getting down to the grind and getting some work finished!  

Live # 2 continues where 1 left off with the resident studio artists showing a range of new works along side some invited guests like Jill Duncan Jewellery and Peter Mcrae. Mixing performances, screen prints, live drawing documentation, ceramics, design and murals the evening was a relaxed and fun filled affair. For my part I tested out some new designs on a bigger scale which although didn't quite come out how I'd hoped (running out of paint didn't help either) it has helped me push my own ideas forward and given me some practice for future interventions. Its also reminded me why I shy away from projects which have any association to the council.

Anyway Live # 2 has just cemented what a great project the Temporary Studio is and it really does come down to people power, especially with Kirsty & Amber pushing to get the space in the first place and making it such a warm and welcoming place to visit and work in. There's only a month or so to go with the project in its current location but I don't think moving on will be a bad thing as challenges of working Ruthrieston have been just as great as the rewards we've all felt from having access to the space and its confirmed a real need for a dedicated creative space where artists can make and create unhindered. Hopefully there will be news about a new studio project that Jim is working on but in the meantime we'll just have to make the most of Ruthrieston.

You can check out some snaps from the night below along with a great video which captures some of the happenings at Live # 2 by Felipe Madureira. Keep up with the Temporary Studio project here

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