'AHOY' by Stu Ford at Parx Cafe!

The ever talented Stu Ford, one half of WLD WLVS has been beavering away for the last couple of weeks at Peacocks on a new set of screen prints for his first solo show, AHOY which opnes on Saturday at Parx Cafe in Aberdeen. Stus work has been getting better and better with each project as he hones both his digital skills and his screen printing skills. 

Stu's first solo show is titled AHOY and will focus on a set of screenprints all teeming with nautical motifs and themes from the oceans most ginormous inhabitants to those who simply use her power as means of transport, sailors in case you couldn't guess. I managed to get a little sneak peak at some of the new prints while the ink was still wet and the attention to detail on each one is incredible! Combining Stu's distinctive style with a hands on process has resulted in some rather beautiful prints, which if you like the work of Ben Newman or anyone else on the Nobrow Press roster then you're sure to love em! 

The show officially opens this Saturday, 23rd May at Parx Cafe from 10am til 2am and then during the normal opening hours Monday to Friday. Each print design will be available for purchase and if things go to plan then ill be working with Stu on a new one off print which ill be selling through a new online print shop so watch this space and be sure to check out Stu's incredible work, AHOY!

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