Pandemic Travels from 2021 Part 2!

'The Erinsborough Fringe' at BUZZCUT Festival!

Its not every day you get invited to film a live soap opera. But then Susannah Hewlett isn't your average artist. If her name rings a bell then don't be suprised, Su is the woman behind one of the installations from last years Lily & Mim show curated by John Walters and a soap opera fanatic! 

The Erinsborough Fringe was a tribute to the king of soaps, Neighbours who just happen to be celebrating a big birthday this year. But the 2 and a half hour performance didn't just cover dodgy Australian accents and psychopathic cafe owners (when Harold went mad was is my favourite Neighbours memory), instead it explored the wider issues faced by many a soap star like know it all faith leaders, juvenile delinquents and the trials and tribulations, deaths, incest and murder mysteries that many soap families face. It would be fair to say the performance was 2 parts neighbours, 2 parts Eastenders, 1 part River City and 1 part bat shit crazy as evidenced by the stills below! Of course being part of Glasgows BUZZCUT Festival you should expect something a little different. 

Off the bat the BUZZCUT team have been welcoming and friendly and worked hard to pull together a full programme of contemporary performance art which covered a wide range of  themes, some serious and other more light hearted like the Fringe piece. Working from their base at the Pearce Institute in Govan, the team managed to pull off something pretty special which seemed to go beyond the comprehension of many of the people from Govan and yet never excluded them with one performance actually transcending the barrier between people and place as documented by the Guardians review of the festival. And the performance weren't restricted to the PI either with a collaborative show taking place at Stereo with the TYCI ladies. 

All in all it was a great introduction to the BUZZCUT Festival and a chance to not only help some talented artists and performers but also a chance to challenge my own views and ideas about performance art and best of all, the chance to make some new friends! Big love to Su, Steve,the wonderful Karl and all those screen stars who made The Erinsborough Fringe such a captivating watch!

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