'Stealing Stuff And Putting It Back Again' by Sarah J Stanley!

Finally, the wait is over, Sarah has made a book. Sarah is one of those people who doesn't seem to sit still, whether its buying a shop and setting up a cafe or working on some new super tech app designs (see her drawings for sale here) her talents know no bounds!

'Stealing Stuff and Putting It Back Again' is Sarahs first foray into the world of publishing although I think shes been building up to it for a while. So what in store for anyone who's brave enough to pre order a copy of Stealing Stuff? Well...... you'll just have to bloody wait and see! It's sure to involve loads of petty theft, a google search, some shit lamps and a whole lot more! Sarah has always possessed a great sense of humour which often shines through in her work but she also has an ability to take on serious issues and some of her app designs are pretty much sheer genius. I'm well getting one of those Slide Phones when they come out!

You can see some snippets from the book below and pre order your copy now for £10 from here. The hard copy book will be dropping at a special launch event at Stans cafe in Glasgow on Saturday 30th of May! I wonder how she'd feel if I stole a copy........

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