The Orra Loon by The Kitchen Cynics!

The Kitchen Cynics have been a staple of the Scottish Alternative music scene for a number of years with Alan being quite a well know figure for his eclectic and vast musical out put. I've seen Alan play numerous times at various experimental nights in Aberdeen but it was a chance discovery via google that really opened up my ears to his incredible talents. And those talents aren't solely confined to music as Alan is also an incredible painter and collagist having recently created the art work for the Fit Like Records 'Dear Aberdeen' compilation. 

'The Orra Loon' is a bit of a milestone album for Alan, combining some past career highlights with more recent compositions and forming the perfect entry point for new listeners like myself. The usual phrases can be applied to the album, pschedelic folk, ethereal, whimsical but deep down its the sheer musicality which makes 'The Orra Loon' so damn good! Songs like 'Jock Sheep' and  'Richard in Bedlam' have a dark quality which feel quite reflective of the North East landscape  while 'Pressed Flowers' feels like its following the journey of a wonky shooting star, drifting across the sky, unsure of its destination yet beautiful all the same. Its hard to write something that can really convey the greatness of Alan's music but its music that should be heard far and wide. Its certainly gonna be my summer hill walking soundtrack!

You can download 'The Orra Loon' via The Active Listener and stream it below. Alan also has copies available on vinyl which is my prefered listening method, contact him here . I created some live projections for Alan's set at a recent doric event organised by Fit Like Records and should hopefully have some interesting videos to share in the coming months!

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