Geotypes # 1 Zine Launch at Ruthrieston Temporary Studio!

Its been a few years since the Mural Project which is the last proper solo creative thing I've done so its been a real pleasure to start a new project which is 100% my ideas and designs. Certainly artists like Basik and Never2501 have inspired a desire to explore minimalism while the work of Andreco has almost certainly set some aesthetic precedent which has fed into a few of the designs but thats not a bad thing. 

The process for creating each design has been a relatively simple one, taking a rectangular layer in photoshop and cutting away bits until creating a shape which holds some aesthetic value, for me at least. A uniform wooden backdrop is used for each design with some shapes being burned into the wood to mimic a varnished effect. Each shape had about 3 variations and from these a final image was selected to feature in the zine. The phrase Geotypes was derived from the word geotopes, each design has geometric stone like qualities but with their digital nature geotypes made more sense. 

The original concept was to create digital mock ups for paintings but the mock ups seemed to develop so quickly and formed a seperate body of work which I wanted to share with people so Geotypes # 1 zine was born. A month of printing, re printing and collating resulted in the launch party at the Ruthrieston Temporary Studio. Zines were free to those who wanted to take a copy and I was chuffed to have only a handful of copies left at the end. It was great to meet some new faces from different backgrounds including design students from Grays and of course a great group of friends who came to show some support!

If you would like a copy of the zine then feel free to get in touch and ill see what I can do!

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