'Evident Care' by Miranda Blennerhassett at The Suttie Art Space!

'Evident Care' is the latest big scale show up at the Suttie Art Space, located just off one of the main corridors in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. A series of large scale murals have been created by Miranda Blennerhassett, each one painstakingly hand painted and taking hundreds of hours to complete. 

Each piece is almost perfectly symetrical, hinting at some OCD style precision. And the effect is stunning, the skill and patience it must have taken to complete the murals is incredible while the actual patters and motifs of each design hint towards some of Aberdeen's own history in the form of the mosaic tiled floors which adorn many a tenemant building. Each design employs its own motifs but share a common palette, quite understated and slightly muted, allowing the shapes to speak for themselves.

Its also interesting to note how the process behind each piece can be viewed from the bottom up with the initial lines slowly morphing into more detailed sketches before morphing into the final paintings along the top. Its a level of precision thats hard to comprehend but especially when you see how big these paintings are!

Another great show from the team at Grampian Hospitals Art Trust and just one of many projects the team have been working on so give them a follow to keep up to speed on all their efforts, facebook here & twitter here. Also check out Mirandas website to see some more cool projects and check out this cool timelapse video showing how she builds up her murals!

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