Lily & Mim - A Department Store (In Photos)!

2014 saw one of the most ambitious exhibitions in Aberdeen's recent history with Lily & Mim being a high concept trip fed to the masses via a consumerist pill that was easily swallowed but had people gagging for more. Or at least thats how I saw it! 

So to recap a little for anyone who missed the show, London based visual artists John Walter brought together a group of well established artists from down south and threw them into a giant empty building with some Aberdeen based artists, the idea being each artist had to create a unique retail experience for the viewers but instead of parting with pounds all you had to give up was your time. And the rewards for this? Seeing some world class art displayed in a most unconventional setting across 2 floors of the now defunct RGU Union building. If you've ever tried to find a decent space to do something creative in Aberdeen then you'll understand what a result that was, and of course it took a couple of years of hard negotiations to make it happen so props to Sally and Smart for that!

Anyway if you really want to know about the show and who did what then I recommend reading this post about the show here as I want to look more at the work from the show in this post. So scroll down and you'll find a selection of snaps that hopefuly give a better idea of what the show was like and I've included some of the special VSS Shopping channel videos by Chris Titmas, worth a watch as you never know what you never wanted and more! Sadly photos dont quite capture the fun and exciting nature of the show, it was a full on sensory experience, both entertaining, enthralling and at times a little scary! But I think best of all it was ambitious, from concept to execution it was full on and a real team effort, it brought a host of people together from Smart, Aberdeen City Council, RGU, Peacock Visual Arts & MAKE, Seventeen and of course the public who visited the show and took part in the numerous workshops that took place. In the words of Tenacious D "Thats fucking team wooooooooooork!"

Of course I wasn't able to document everything in the show but you can check out some more pics on Instagram and here's hoping the friendships made in 2014 lead to some exciting projects for all the artists in 2015!

A photo posted by John Walter (@twopeacocks) on

A photo posted by John Walter (@twopeacocks) on

A photo posted by John Walter (@twopeacocks) on

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