Real Nice Co on Film!

Real Nice Co have been pretty prolific creating a load of murals around Aberdeen and a bit beyond. In turn this has led to some great opportunities for people like me and a few others to capture some of the magic that happens with live drawing. Its like a cauldron of fun where you know the ingredients your putting in but what's going to come out the other end might not be what you'd expect. 

For their latest murals Stuz Leel of Fresh Lab Visuals was on hand to get some in progress shots of Mike Hughes creating a fresh piece on the stair well up to Bos'n where him and Katie have previously created a mural in the bar. Taking place on Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) it appears some of Aberdeen's goons had been resurrected for the day with the sole purpose of grinding on Mike's face, just wait til the end of the video, it'll all become clear! Along with the new Bos'n mural the guys also wrapped up their biggest piece to date at the Perth Museum & Art Gallery, taking over an entire room at the grand establishment and decorating one wall with a site specific mural and the rest with art works from Emily Moore and Mike. Along with Mike & Katie, Cosmic Nuggets was invited to join the gang and proceeded to blast out one of his largest and finest characters to date! I made a special visit down to document the mural before its wiped away forever, check out the short video below. 

As I've said before Aberdeen is buzzing with talent and creative people and without them my blog would be pretty boring so thanks guys and thanks to everyone who's done events, created cool work and helped contribute to the blog! 

Bad News Mike Hughes // Live Drawing At Bos'n from Stuz Leel on Vimeo.

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