Toaster hits Aberdeen, no one cares!

So its not everyday that an internationally acclaimed street artist hits Aberdeen but it did happen. If you don't know who Toaster is then check out this short documentary here. When I saw the photo of an original Toaster piece taped to a lamp post down at the Denburn dual carriage way I just about jumped out my seat. The first Toaster Tuesday saw the artist leave an original Toaster piece taped in a public place for anyone to claim, you just had to be in the know.  

I was off cruising down Union Street at full pelt, hoping that no one else had spotted their post and I'd be first on the scene to claim my prize. Sadly it had been nabbed shortly after the elusive artist posted the location and photo (see 2nd below). Although a little disappointed to have missed it the fact that a piece appeared in Aberdeen is great. Making the effort to come all this way certainly brightened up my day and finding their gold Toaster stickers plastered about down by the train station has been a treat. 

So far they've left original pieces in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Derby & London. Where they will strike next is anyone's guess but if you wanna keep in the loop then check out their facebook page.  

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